What Is The Duty Of A Human?

What Is The Duty Of A Human?


What is the duty of a fish?……… most would say it is to swim.

What is the duty of a tiger?……… most would say it is to hunt.

The duty of a YOU, a homosapien? That one is hard to answer.

Aliens watching us for millenia and observing how history played out, might answer that the duty of a human is to narcissistically enslave all other creatures, to obtain ultimate power within its’ own race, and to acquire as many objects as possible.

These same aliens would probably observe that there is a serious imbalance with our species, that we are all deranged and that we need to chill out and hang out with fish and tigers more.

The presumed duty of a human has also probably changed many times due to our rapid evolution. From being crafty survivalists, to the inventors of fire and torchbearers for logic, to capitalists.

And with each level-up in duty, by accomplishing those feats, humans found happiness, at least temporarily. Doing your duty always feels good. The same goes when a bear catches a fish in mid-air. I am confident that bear is happy as fuck when it does its duty. It just doesn’t know its being “happy”.

To me one of the main source of unhappiness for us today is that we are unable to identify what the duty of a human is in our modern world. We’ve moved beyond simply mastering logic and exploring every single nook of the earth. There is not a lot left here on this planet for humans to identify as their “duty”. So now humans are looking at colonizing Mars and the Moon and other extreme places.

Perhaps, the ultimate duty of humans is to be explorers of the heavens.

Unfortunately we will all be dead by the time space colonization happens. And our generation (I’m just speaking for millennials here) is certainly stuck in a weird time.

What the fuck is our duty, now, since we don’t have a lot of time left?

We want solutions, and to me, finding the duty of a modern millennial is a difficult task. So I think it’s important to look to the past for answers.

What does it mean to be human and do our duty?

Essentially— to do the things we were made to do, that no other species does……..like the ability to use reason to avoid killing each other over spilt milk, and to use logic to ensure that the chief was fairly elected.

It has done our species as lot of good.

By using reason and logic, we are being human. It will always set us apart from other animals.

The other thing that sets humans apart—it comes natural to us— is that we are incredibly social creatures. We have found the ability to be social not just within our own tribes, but across tribes and across the world. No other species can communicate the way we do, or organize in mass the way that we can.

In theory, we should be happy as long as we perform the duty nature has set for us. As long as a fish does its’ “fish things”, and a tiger does its’ “tiger things”…… fish and tigers should be “happy”

For us, if we have exhausted all options to figure out happiness— we’ve seen all the doctors, read all the books and have been prescribed all the pills—then a good alternative might be to look at what our human duty has been for a long time:

To use logic and reason. To be social and organize.

This should give us reassurance and hope. That in keeping things simple, and proceeding with the duties of a human, we have a chance to be happy.