It Is Your Fate To Realize That You Have Free Will

It Is Your Fate To Realize That You Have Free Will.


Do you believe in fate or free will?

These could really be considered as the same. It can be your fate to realize that you have free will.

Most scientists agree that there was a”singularity” event, the Big Bang, that occurred to start the universe. They believe this because through tracking the speed and path of galaxies and stars they are able to determine that all objects are moving outward from a single starting point billions of years ago.

Now if you can track galaxy movement technically that means you can also track movement of smaller things like particles and atoms. They are similar in the fact that they are made of material and travel around orbits because of gravity. They are really the same thing, just on different scales.

This leads us to the concept of predictability. If we can predict where stars will be in the universe in one billion years then we should also be able to determine where an atom will be in the next 5 minutes.

Enter the notion of pre-determination and fate. Mathematically it is hard to refute the notion of fate existing. Atom X will be in spot 1048489391 in 10 minutes and atom Y should be in location 394838002 in 10 minutes.

Now let’s combine these two atoms and call them a thought. Maybe it was your grocery list you remembered, or to take our the trash. For some perhaps this thought is, that they should start taking control of their lives, or that they should start that business.

Regardless of the vanity of the thought, the logistics of it are determined and you were supposed to have X thought at X point in time.

So when people disagree with fate and say “I’m a free being! I have control over my life and future”-they are correct. But what they are missing is that it was their fate to have that thought and also to have the gusto to take action at that time.

If you look at it through this lens, fate and free will are really one in the same.

It is your fate to realize that you have free will and it is your fate to make important life choices that determine your own outcome. 

Knowing this should empower us. And when opportunity arises, contemplate it for a second and realize that it was meant to happen at this exact second. And your decision is also pre-determined. So when hard choices arise take a deep breath and relax knowing that fate has your back in these decisions.