Why It's Important to Accept Gifts

Accepting Gifts Is Selfless


We've seen it before. We try to leave a big tip or nominate someone for an award, and after multiple attempts a well-to-do person keeps denying our generosity.

This pisses us off.

People that deny credit, gifts and compensation don't make themselves look good or polite. Usually they disallow others to feel good about themselves. What seems like a selfless act is actually quite selfish, and the biggest pain is when do-gooders don't have the awareness to see this.

Successful people become richer by helping others and in return, knowing when to accept a gift. It's a law that successful politicians, CEOs, and socialites understand well.

"Great job on the wine mixer, take my yacht out whenever you like."

Saying yes to this isn't about the yacht, it's about knowing how to accept generosity and how to leverage it to build trustful relationships. That CEO didn't work his entire life so only he can drive the yacht....he most likely worked hard so he can enjoy it, but also so others like you can enjoy it. People are looking to add wholesomeness to their lives by helping others this way.

By accepting more money, you learn how money works and become comfortable with it. By accepting more generosity, you learn how accepting it makes others feel good about themselves.

Learn to accept gracefully and allow others to feel good about themselves.