A Healthy Brain Is Your #1 New Business Hack

A Healthy Brain Is Your #1 New Business Hack

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When we think business hack most of us probably think about Facebook ads, email hacks, credit ratings or some sort of new productivity software.

But what if I told you that the highest ROI of any business activity would be to increase your brain health.

It’s not some pie in the sky thinking to understand that everything we’ve created in our business comes from whats between our temples. It is the entire premise of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”.

Business decisions start as thoughts, and thoughts are influenced by how healthy our brains are. And an unhealthy brain puts us in position to make bad decisions.

Additionally, people that are chronically stressed or have addictions are also not as apt to string together long series of positive decisions. We want consistency of positive decisions over the long haul. We want daily incremental growth of 1%. For example day 1 could be 50% good /50% bad decisions made, day 2 can be 51% good /49% bad, and so on. It is like training any other muscle.

How do we know when we are making positive decisions?

Usually this means doing the difficult thing the first time. Not letting stress or anxiety overtake what we know is the right thing to do. I hate getting on the phone to talk to my CEO coach when there is a hard decision to make as I usually know what he is going to tell me. To do the hard thing upfront and to not let my emotions get in the way. A lot of times that is firing someone or saying no to an opportunity. I hate these calls because I know it is the right answer.

In order to make positive decisions we need to have the correct balance of neurotransmitters firing at the right time. And in order to have the right brain-chemical cocktail, we need supreme daily brain health habits. This will ensure that we remove any outside interference so that our decisions are purely based on data and not emotion.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your brain health:

We can make great decisions when we are hyped up on caffeine but we barely resemble humans when we haven’t had a cup. Remember we are aiming for 1% daily incremental improvement in our decision making and so what we want to aim for is consistency. Coffee and caffeine are two of the most dangerous things we can consume by virtue of their inconsistency, causing massive ups and downs in our focus and mood.

How I quit: A few months back I felt like I was in a horrible headspace and this was mostly due to my caffeine addiction. I was literally falling asleep at the wheel driving home from work. It was difficult for me but what I did was stopped caffeine on a Friday around noon. Then i slept until around 11am Saturday and took a few Ibuprofen because I had withdrawal headaches. Same thing with Sunday. By Monday I was fine. The biggest thing I have noticed is that my mood and decision-making is much more grounded. I also feel more in touch with my emotions and the emotions of my employees. This is because caffeine is a drug. It covers up emotions and puts us on the cracked out route. Remove that mask and you will feel your employees pain points better and thus make better decisions because of it.

A Keto or Low-Carb diet:
A high-carb diet is another thing like caffeine that creates spikes and drops in our mood. When you eat lots of simple carbs you you release lots of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that allows blood sugar to get into your cells and when you release lots of it your body becomes less efficient at utilizing it. So we need to eat more and more carbs to release more insulin to get the same energy effect.

This is basically the same thing as a caffeine addiction and not condusive to positive decision-making. Just go back to your last big pizza-lunch and how tired you felt afterward.

Google “autophagy”. It is new research that won the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 2016. Autophagy happens when you fast, and fasting is a totally natural thing that humans have been doing since the beginning of evolution. When you fast between 16-36 hrs, your brain starts to recycle and consume all of the half-dead brain cells and replace them with fresh ones. It’s like putting your brain in a washing machine. I switched to a routine where I eat dinner around 8pm and dont eat again until 12pm the next day for a full 16 hr fast. I feel more even keeled, much more focused and even euphoric in the mornings now. Also google- “Intermittent Fasting”.

Slowing your breathing down to 6 breaths/minute or less has been clinically shown to increase Serotonin levels in the brain.

Sleeping and Alcohol:
Obviously we need to get more sleep. But i have found I can wake up much much easier and feel more alert with less sleep just by cutting out caffeine and making sure if I drink any alcohol like wine before bed. If I do drink I do it earlier in the night around 6pm instead of later like 9pm. Your body is more efficient at processing alcohol at this hour. While alcohol helps you fall asleep it interferes with REM sleep Without proper REM sleep you are going to wake up feeling anxious and grab a huge cup of coffee and probably make some poor decisions…

Abstinence from porn/masturbation:
There isn’t an activity that sets of more Dopamine in your brain than porn. Google yourbrainonporn.com and you will see why. If this is a habit of yours you need to stop it because it’s throwing your neurotransmitter mix out of whack.

Cold Showers.
Shown to improve mood and decrease anxiety. It is healthy for your brain, skin and hair.